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Natural NPKs
Plant Probiotics
Natural NPKs

GrowBiotics Natural NPK’s are the first fertilizers to derive macronutrients directly from beneficial microbes. This unique process allows for high concentrations of essential nutrients without having to resort to chemical fertilizers. Use our BioWave/BioFlourish Combo for plants that require high nitrogen during the vegetative stage and high phosporous during the flowering stage. Or use (408) 861-8724 for plants that require a steady feed of all nutrients throughout their life.

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Plant Probiotics

GrowBiotics Plant Probiotics are packed with beneficial microbes that are designed to support growth during all stages of plant life. Use the Probiotic Bundle to improve the seed/transplant survival rate, develop a robust root system during the vegetative stage, and bolster the nutrient uptake rate during flowering. Or select products individually based on need.

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GrowBiotics MicroNutrition products provide a variety of micronutrients to support healthy, robust plants. Our MicroAlgae Combo, Essence/MoreEssence, contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals, pigments, peptides, and polyunsaturated fatty acids specifically formulated for the vegetative and flowering stages respectively. Load up your plants with energy from concentrated polysaccharides with squamoseness. Or use alginic acid in Bionic Energy to condition your soil and enhance water and nutrient retention.



Field trial data and success in foreign markets.


All products are manufactured in a sustainable way and can help farmers achieve more sustainable farming practices.


We strive to bring products that are differentiated from competitors currently in the US market.

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Why Use GrowBiotics?

GrowBiotics is focused on sourcing the very best all-natural products from around the world and bringing them to cannabis farmers and home growers in the United States. With GrowBiotics, growers do not have to choose between high-yield or sustainable agriculture practices.